We Offer Three Different Scenario's

Difficulty: 4-8 participants  - 60 Minute Room

This room is played in the dark and you will be provided with a flashlight. While this scenario does not contain jump-scares, IT IS NOT intended for children. This scenario is intended for mature audiences, player discretion is advised. Please contact us if you need additional details.

Your rich uncle Arv recently passed away and you’ve been kissing up to him at family gatherings for years hoping that he would leave you some of his “oil money” in his will. Uncle Arv didn’t have any children or a spouse so you’re feeling pretty optimistic. Following the funeral, the family has gathered for the reading of his will and to your surprise, he left you absolutely nothing while your cousin Earl inherited his hunting cabin. Arv and Earl have always been close, and your uncle often invited Earl on hunting trips at the cabin. The will mentioned that Earl should keep the cabin out of the wrong hands. You’re sure there is something valuable stashed there. Why should your cousin benefit from Arv’s death not you? You just found out that your cousin is leaving for a weekend trip to the cabin and you plan to get there first and take what is rightfully yours. You will have one hour alone to loot the cabin before your cousin arrives. Good luck. You’ll be arriving after dark so bring a flashlight.

*A flashlight will be provided. You will not be allowed to use your own.

Difficulty: 4 - 8 Participants - 60 Minute Room

Last night you and your friends had a raging bachelor party for your friend Will, who’s getting married today. It’s an hour until the ceremony, but there’s a huge problem…Will doesn’t have the rings.

Last night, you decided it was a good idea to hide the rings so you wouldn’t lose them, but now you can’t remember where you put them and your only clues are incredibly cryptic.

You have an hour to decode the clues left by your drunken selves and get the ring to Will or the wedding will be ruined!


*This scenario contains mature content including drug and alcohol content as well as inappropriate language.

This scenario does NOT contain nudity.

*** THIS ROOM IS LOCATED IN THE BASEMENT. Must be able to ascend and descend stairs

Difficulty: 4-8 participants - 70 Minute Room

You have been summoned to the Law Offices of Douglas and Douglas to discuss the matter of your late Grandfathers Estate. More specifically, Chandlee's Candy Shoppe, your grandfathers candy store. Many of your questions will be answered upon arrival at your meeting with the legal representative.