Is the door really locked?

Yes, the door is really locked. However, there are means to unlock the door in case of emergency. We monitor each room closely and will always make sure you are safe and sound.

Can I make my reservation over the phone?

Phone reservations are a simple and easy way to make your reservation. It is advisable to call during our normal business hours on Friday - Sunday. When making your reservation please be prepared to provide credit card information to secure your room. Your card will NOT be charged at the time of your reservation. This information is only used in the event of a "NO-SHOW". If you would like to reach us outside of normal business hours, you can send us an email or a message on Facebook and we will do our best to assist you.

What if I am late to my reservation?

If you and your party are late, we will have to start your game with less time on the clock. It is unfair to those participants who have the time slot after you to have to wait  We have a schedule to uphold.

What is the age limit?

We recommend ages 10 and up! However, if you are under 13 years of age, you will need accompaniment by a parent or guardian. Children 6 and under may accompany their adult parents at no charge. Parents are responsible for their children.

Is there anything scary or frightening about escape rooms?

Nope! Some themes can be a little scary or dark, but nothing will pop out and scare you, even if your time runs out. If a room contains jump-scares that information will be included with room descriptions.

What if I only have 2 or 3 people in my group?

That's perfectly fine! However, you can't play the game alone so bring at least one other buddy.

Will there be other people I don’t know playing with us?

No. All Bookings are private events.

When should I show up?

Please show up 15 minutes earlier than your reservation time. This ensures that we can go over the rules with you and your party. Please call if you or your party cannot make it on time or cannot make it at all. If you choose to reschedule your appointment you must give us at least 24 hours advance notice. WE WILL NOT GIVE REFUNDS. If you can't make it on time, please provide advance notice and we will be happy to reschedule for you.

What should I bring and what should I wear?

Please bring yourself and your team! Feel free to wear whatever makes you happy. Just keep in mind you might be getting down on the floor to look for clues. If you need reading glasses to read, please bring them as you may need to read small print.

What happens if my team doesn't escape in 60 minutes?

If you don't escape in the allotted time, your game is over. There is an option for overtime if you’d like to keep going. If you and your team want to leave it unsolved and come back and try again, well that is ok too!

Do I need any experience prior to my reservation?

Nope! We welcome new players!! Just be prepared to use your brain and be willing to search for hidden clues and puzzles.

Do you have advice for newcomers?

· Not everything in the room will be a clue.

· Communicate with your team!

· Write down clues or keep them out so you can refer to them later.

· Don't be afraid or stressed out! It is only a game!

· Groups of 4 or more have a greater chance of escape

What is the price to play?

The fee is $25 dollars per person for 60-minute rooms and $30 dollars per person for 70-minute rooms, which gets you allotted time in one of our locked rooms. Lucky for you, reserving a room is very easy online! Just click this button: